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These rubber tiles are the most suitable flooring for weight Lifting sports halls, crossfit boxes and fitness gyms. Their thickness start from 18mm and can reach up to 45 mm for better sound insulation. The latter ensures good neighborhood relationships. The manufacturing process ensures that the quality is of a top standard with all relevant certifications.


  1. Recycled SBR from non-older 5 years car tires
  2. No smell and Color fading
  3. The rubber granules are fine cut (less than 1mm) making the rubber tile almost water proof and easy to clean
  4. The tiles prevents humidity to pass thru and thus has antibacteria and antismell properties.
  5. The density of the tiles are 1000kg/cubic meter
  6. The high density prevents the tear of the tile and impacts as an absorband on athletes joints
  7. Best Value for money
  8. Easy Montage
  9. Exceptional elasticity
  10. Dimension of each tile is 1 square mt


Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 cm

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