2 Step Shipping Cost Calculation

How does it work?

After receiving your order we pass it on to our carriers. They take into consideration the weight, volume and final destination of your order and calculate the optimum shipping cost. We then update your order and send you an email on how to proceed with your payment

What does this mean?

In practice, it means that, if you are ordering big, you cannot complete your order right away. You will have to wait for a few hours for us to update your order with personalized shipping costs.

Why does this happen?

Our system’s algorithm can easily process small orders (roughly under 200 kg- certain items excluded) and give you an accurate shipping cost. But things get a lot more complicated when ordering large amounts of products. Some of our customers sometimes order gear to equip an entire gym. These orders differ greatly in weight and volume and it would be unfair to charge you a pre-set amount of money. So by waiting a few hours and letting us get in touch with the carrier first you are saving a lot of money!

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