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The Echo Timer comes with a single-sided LED display, remote control unit, and multiple of pre-set and programmable interval settings like Tabata and Fight Gone Bad. The timer can be mounted to a wall due to the mounting accessories.

Measuring 73cm x 16cm, the Echo Gym Timer display screen shows the time in red and the number of rounds in blue. The numbers are clearly visible from a big distance, making it ideal for large warehouse gyms.

You can create and save custom programs, and the included remote allows coaches or gym instructors to start, pause and program from a distance. Change the number of rounds, work to rest ratio as you wish, or adjust from a countdown to a count-up option.



Color Black
Length 73cm
Width 3.5cm
Height 16cm
Display Dimensions 62cm x 16cm
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 85 × 19 × 8 cm

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