Battle Rope

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Presenting our 15mt Conditioning Rope, meticulously crafted from robust nylon and enveloped in an all-weather sheath/cover. The protective sleeve is thoughtfully folded over at the end, forming a user-friendly looped handle, measuring approximately 38mm in thickness and 25cm in length from the end of the rope to the end of the loop when laid flat. The rope itself boasts a diameter of 38mm.

Widely embraced by strength coaches and trainers across various sports, these ropes prove invaluable for power and explosiveness training. The battling rope’s versatility shines through in its capacity to enhance core strength and promote core-to-extremity strength, thereby amplifying an athlete’s power both within the confines of the gym and during functional movements on the field. Additionally, it serves as an exceptional developer of grip strength.

Note: It is essential to note that Conditioning Ropes should always be securely anchored to a smooth, round surface for optimal and safe usage.


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