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The Chest Support Row is a specialized leverage machine crafted to focus on and engage various muscle groups such as the back, biceps, lats, and shoulders. This equipment is adept at minimizing stress on the lower back during your workout. Its primary function involves facilitating a rowing motion while maintaining a straight back and activating the core. To begin, customize the textured footplate to comfortably cradle your chest against the padded support, ensuring a stable and supported upper body position as you lean forward. The adjustable handles provide users with a great range of angle stimuli making ideal for all body size types.



Product Specs
Material Powder coated, 3 mm, Steel
Color Matte Black (custom colors available)
Info Easy-use of adjustable handles
All pad are made from heavy duty urethane and coated with water resistant vinyl (color of your choice)
Step for easy access mounting
Unit ships fully assembled
Weight/ Length x Width x Height 110 kg/ 230 cm x 100 cm x 130 cm
Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 155 × 100 × 135 cm

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