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The wall mounted rigs are made of metallic uprights (8 x 8cm x 3mm thickness) coated with black matte powder and fastened with M-16 screws. All beams are laser cut with 5 cm distance. These stations are the ultimate solution for the gym or crossfit box, with an option to be used either as a multipull up bar stations or as squat racks for exercises like Back squat / Press etc. With the addition of accessories such as Wall Ball Target, parallel bars, safety arms, flying bull up bar, landmines, and olympic kg storage, the stations can provide unlimited of exercise variations for your athletes. The width is adjustable from 1.10mt to 1.80mt, and 3 different uprights heights (2.85mt/3.65mt/4mt) are available to meet your requirements.


Short Length-3.14mtMedium Length-4.32mtLong Length- 6.20mtExtra Long Length 7.38mt
1.26mt +1.88mt1.26mt +1.88mt+1.18mt1.26mt +1.88mt+1.18mt+1.88mt1.26mt +1.88mt+1.18mt+1.88mt+ 1.18mt
1 Squat Station2 Squat Stations2 Squat Stations3 Squat Stations
3 Pull-up Stations4 Pull-up Stations6 Pull-up Stations7 Pull-up Stations
1 set of Sandwich J-Cups2 sets of Sandwich J-Cups2 sets of Sandwich J-Cups3 sets of Sandwich J-Cups
3 x 2.85mt Uprights4 x 2.85mt Uprights5 x 2.85mt Uprights6 x 2.85mt Uprights
1 x  Short Pull up Bar2 x  Short Pull up Bar2 x  Short Pull up Bar3 x Short Pull up Bar
4 x Long Pull up Bars5 x  Long Pull up Bars
7 x  Long Pull up Bars
8 x Long Pull up Bars

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