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The 3-Dimensional plyometric cube is the perfect solution for your training needs. It combines multiple heights into one single item so that you do not have to buy separate boxes for each and every one of them.

It is completely hand made out of 6 very durable pieces plywood reinforced with a vertical cross on the inside for maximum durability.

It is easily storable due to its shape. It has comfortable cut out holes with rounded edges for easy transfer.

This is a very sturdy unit. It gives a feeling of great stability no matter what height you are using it on.

It comes in three sizes:
40cm x 50cm x 60cm
50cm x 60cm x 70cm
60cm x 70cm x 80cm

You can order it pre-assembled or assemble it yourself and save on shipping costs.

Product Specs
Material Pine Plywood
Color Matte Black/Natural wood
Info Custom sizes available

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