Pilates Tower Reformer

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Are you ready to meet the best and well priced pilates equipments in Europe?

We have the best workship, the highest quality of material, the most comfortable and practical Reformer Machines. It has been designed  perfectly for both home and gym environment. All beds come in a sealed wooden case



  • Trapezoidal System of Stainless anti scratch resistant material
  •  7 staged footbar that is also suitable for child use
  • Jump Board that can be easily pluged and removed like a sledge
  • 3 staged head pad for cervical control
  • Level adjustable reel system
  • Easy- to -install
  • 4 pairs of bows
  • 4 staged stopper
  • 2 staged gear bar
  • Removable Shoulder pads
  • Lightweight and sturby box
  • Adjustable long Strap
  • Stylish trapeze system consisting of black matt grey
  • Push Through bar made of stainless material
  • Does not bend even in the most severe intervention
  • 5 height level for push Through bar

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