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The Machine Shop resistance bands come in various sizes in order to cover your training needs. They are color coded for easy management.

Each color has unique resistance properties that make it excel in different areas and more suitable for specific uses.

Thinner bands are better for stretching and assisting stronger athletes when performing gymnastics/bodyweight exercises. Thicker ones are ideal for beginner-intermediate athletes during a WOD and essential for teaching gymnastics movements.

Each athlete in your gym is different so make sure that you have a variety of rubber bands to cater to everyone’s needs.

Nothing spells progress like going through thinner and thinner rubber bands, over time, to perform your gymnastics movements. Make sure your athletes have the support they need while mastering those challenging exercises.

The Machine Shop Rubber Bands will truly amaze you with their longevity.

*Warranty 12 months

Color Properties Resistance
Red – (104 cm. dia.) – (1.25 cm.) width – 4.5 mm. thick

– 16 Kg. max resistance

Extra Light
Black – (104 cm. dia.) – (2.05 cm.) width – 4.5 mm. thick

– 23 Kg. max resistance

Purple – (104 cm. dia.) – (2.85 cm.) width – 4.5 mm. thick

– 36 Kg. max resistance

Green – (104 cm. dia.) – (4.5 cm.) width – 4.5 mm. thick

– 55 Kg. max resistance

Blue – (104 cm. dia.) – (6.4 cm.) width – 4.5 mm. thick

– 75 Kg. max resistance

Extra Strong
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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